About River Run Cabinetry

RiverRun Cabinetry is located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where majestic mountains and rolling hills are joined by hardwood stands and new growth forests, where the light dances creating a unique sense of harmony, where a lattice of rivers and streams enrich and inspire and an appreciation for quality runs deep. In the valley, major thoroughfares mingle with country roads delivering the efficiencies of the day while preserving nature’s magnificent beauty. This has been the inspiration for RiverRun Cabinetry.

Our mission is to deliver a naturally beautiful, fully featured line of cabinets where the quality reflects nature’s finest, where traditional craftsmanship and modern efficiencies come together harmoniously to create beauty and quality in a line of cabinetry that offers the very best value possible.

At River Run Cabinetry, we believe that quality construction, stylish designs, and durability should be part of every kitchen. That is why we are proud to offer cabinets for every décor and every budget. From the simple to the elegant, you will never have to sacrifice quality for affordability.

Bridgewater Warm Cherry - Bridgewater brings a sense of regal distinction to any kitchen. The lustrous deep claret glow is an elegant counterpart for formal interiors as well as warm and welcoming traditional applications. Bridgewater’s handsomely detailed doors create an atmosphere of refinement for any occasion. Bridgewater is Standard Construction: full overlay applied molding doors, all wood construction, five piece drawer head.

Hampton Linen Glaze - Hampton Linen Glazed graces any kitchen with elegance and casual flair. Hampton is a soft white door with subdued detailing enhanced by a warm glaze, evoking the comfort of a French Country kitchen. Sophisticated, yet comfortable...designed to meet discerning style demands. Hampton is standard construction: full overlay doors, all wood construction, with premium MDF painted doors, five piece drawer head.

Lennox Cafe Glaze- Lenox Café Glazed kitchen has the ambiance of gracious warmth and a quiet richness. Equally harmonious as a background for daily activities or culinary celebrations, these traditionally styled cabinets feature distinctive molding detail with a brushed glaze that highlights the appealing tones of caramel and honey. Lenox is Standard Construction: full overlay applied molding doors, all wood construction, five piece drawer head.

Shaker Walnut Hand Glaze- Classic Shaker Walnut Hand Glazed cabinetry brings the elemental lines and cultivated simplicity of this acclaimed style to every kitchen activity. Working equally well in traditional, mission, urban – transitional or contemporary settings, this cabinet is a blend of straightforward style with a deep, lustrous walnut finish. Shaker is Standard Construction: full overlay doors, all wood construction, five piece drawer head.