Wilsonart® Laminate is fun, it’s affordable, it’s easy to live with, and it looks terrific. And no matter what your budget or style, you will find a product to fit your needs in the Wilsonart Laminate portfolio. New technology – like AEON™ Enhanced Performance – and design advances – like Wilsonart® HD® – that are ours alone can help you create a countertop that is yours alone. Laminate countertops are famous for easy care. While other homeowners see everything – butter, tomato sauce, coffee, grape juice – as a stain about to happen, you can relax with laminate. And whatever pattern and color you choose, the beauty will be yours at a price you can celebrate. A new look is yours for less, leaving you with more to spend on special extras – or that someone special. Laminate offers the widest array of designs of any surfacing material. Decorative Edges give you even more ways to dress up your countertop. Wilsonart was the first North American Laminate manufacturer to receive Forest Stewardship Council™ Certification Registration SCS-COC-002415. 

Granite Countertops: Granite is a type of igneous rock, formed at great depths and pressures deep in the earth. The main components of granite are quartz, potassium and sodium feldspar along with bits of mica and hornblende.Granite is very hard (second only to diamonds), and durable. It can handle the heat from a hot pot set directly on the counter.

Granite Types: Granite comes in a huge number of colors and patterns. Some types of granite have a lot of movement (big sweeping swirls and colors across the human-polished surface) and character, while others are nearly solid (Black Galaxy, Absolute Black). Many are flecked with small bits of colors across a neutrally colored surface (Santa Cecilia). What is “in style” for granite types depends on where you live. Even within Florida, we find a striking difference in the most commonly requested varieties. Some people select their granite based on price, some on color, and some select their slabs to fit with a particular design scheme. Although tans, caramels, creams and browns dominate the colors in many types of granite, you can find glorious granite slabs with all sorts of colors: greys, blues, metallics, reds and greens.

Vetrazzo® is a recycled glass surface comprised of 100% recycled glass. When you buy Vetrazzo, you get an exquisite surface material—truly a work of art—that becomes the centerpiece for your home or project. What else makes it sparkle? A high glass content ( 85% by volume), expansive color palette, and story in every surface. From architectural to art glass, to beer bottles and jars, each mix is a signature blend of color and life that tells a story about you, too.

Amerock® is defining cabinet hardware fashion in homes everywhere. They continue to introduce new designs, colors and finishes, based on constant surveys of decorating trends and consumer preferences. We bring you fresh, lasting looks which appeal to a variety of tastes.

Pompeii Quartz is a natural surface material made from pure and natural quartz. It is bound with resin, inorganic pigments and manufactured using the most advanced and latest technology from Breton, Italy. It is available in slabs and tiles.

Advantages of Pompeii Quartz Products:Easy Care – just wipe with soap & water• Extremely Dense, Reducing Absorption, Cracking & Chipping• Highly Resistant to Heat, Scratches & Abrasion• Extremely Stain Resistant• High Resistance to Chemicals & Acids• Highly Resistant to Mold, Mildew & Bacteria• Limited 15 Year Warranty

Established in 1978 as a division of Jones Plastic & Engineering, their product line began as metal and polymer Lazy Susan components manufactured for the largest U.S. cabinet manufacturers and they have grown into the market leading innovator of quality functional residential cabinet storage, LED Cabinet Lighting and organizational products. 
Rev-A-Shelf manufactures thousands of innovative accessories for your, kitchen, bath or closet.